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These are just of few of the clients we have worked with over the years. We strive to make sure that the building process of each customer's dream home is given the attention and care it deserves. Take a look for yourself why Log Home Outfitters should be the choice for you too!

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Deciding on a custom log home:

Michelle and I were married in July 2000 and looking forward to starting our family. While our current home then, a traditional 3 bedroom brick ranch, could have suited us, we looked out into the future and decided having a custom home is what we desired. We started our search for custom homes at the book store magazine section, and came across the log home magazines. Both of us were intrigued by the beauty and family feeling log homes exude. My friend had a log home, so we went to his house, looked it over and decided our custom home was going to be a log home. We "collected" log home magazines monthly, cut out pictures of things/features we liked, had a rough image of our dream.

The "big investigation" phase:

We went to 2 log home shows, asked many questions, listened, went to the seminars etc. We then went to a Log Home Outfitters sponsored seminar in October 2000, met John Kacic, some of the builders he used, and also a finance person. We narrowed our search between two companies and Heritage won out - we signed a contract with Log Home Outfitters December 2000. At the same time, we were shopping for property and after 8 months on November 27, 2000 we purchase two acres of land in Hartland. This was scary for us, we had never committed to spending so much money in our lives before. John helped ease the process by having a good team in place and establishing trust by his actions and follow-thru.

Design/Building phase:

To start the process, John used some computer aid design software so we could quickly get a feeling for our home design, based upon our direction. Looking over the "canned" Log Home Outfitter designs, we liked the Biltmore - so we started from that and modified it to fit our desires, a little longer here, add 1/2 bath here, 3 car garage with bonus room above, hot tub in back, etc. John submitted those to the designers at Log Home Outfitters and we got preliminary blueprints. Now, this was going to be our dream house, so we went over every room and feature, questioned everything, and after Mike revised the drawings 3 times - with Log Home Outfitters home office patiently updating the master drawings - and lot's of late night meetings with John, we broke ground August 6, 2001. 9 1/2 months later our home was featured in The 2002 Livingston Cavalcade of Homes, then we moved in with lot's of help from family on Memorial day, May, 2002.


Ater living in our log home for 2 1/2 years, I highly recommend Log Home Outfitters to anybody considering a custom home, and John Kacic as one of the Dealer rep's in Michigan is a outstanding example of service and follow-up. The builder he recommended us with, is a man of few words, but what he says he does. Over time I've gotten to know and respect both of them for their integrity and honesty.

Michael & Michelle Rosinski
Hartland, Michigan

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