12 Tips To Remove Stains With Carpet Cleaners

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It’s not uncommon to spill something on the carpet. In fact it’s just a fact of life. It’s going to happen sooner or later. But not to worry. Here are 12 tips to remove stains with carpet cleaners. In fact sometimes you can wipe away the stain without a commercial grade cleaner.

1. Be fast

If you are very quick you may be able to blot away the stain before it even has a chance to set. Grab a white absorbent cloth or tissue and use the four basic steps to remove the stain.

2. Check Color

Check to make sure the carpet is colorfast and safe to clean, test the carpet in an area that inconspicuous before you apply the cleaner to the stain in the carpet.

3. Dry Cleaning Solution

You can use dry cleaning solution (surgical spirt). Detergent solution one teaspoonful of detergent to ¾ liters of warm water. Dab Spot.

4. Vinegar

You can also use detergent and vinegar. It must be white vinegar and not malt vinegar. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to the detergent solution. Dab Spot.

5. Ammonia

Smelly, eye watering but very effective. Add one teaspoon of branded household ammonia to one cup of warm water. Dab Spot.

5. Alcohol, Coffee

If the stain is alcohol, coffee, tea, liquid foods or urine blot up the surplus spillage but do not rub it back and forth. Use detergent and vinegar solution. Start by working from the outside of the stain moving inward a little at a time. Frequently blot with a dry cloth

6. Chocolate, Blood, Glue

If the stain is chocolate, sweets, blood, glue, ice cream, milk ,soft drinks or vomit you will have to clean up the excess using a blunt knife or a putty knife. Be sure not to grind any of the spill into the carpet. Us the detergent solution starting at the outer edge working your way into the middle of the spill. Blot dry and then use the ammonia solution and blot dry again.

7. Fats, Tar, Gum

If the stain is solid fats, tar, chewing gum, oil, ointment, or shoe polish scrape up the excess with a knife or a putty scrapper. Use the dry cleaning solution followed by the detergent and vinegar solution and blot dry.

8. Unknown Spills

For stains or spills which you are not sure as to what they are first scrape or blot up the excess material. Then use the dry cleaning solvent followed by luke warm water and blot dry. If the stain is still there treat with the detergent or the detergent and vinegar solutions then blot dry.

9. Follow Up

All the above procedures should be followed up by a simple mix of one part white vinegar and four parts water. Place mixture into a spray bottle Spay over the stained area and blot dampened area. Do not rub to remove excess moisture. White paper towels work well. Stack 5 to 8 sheets on top of each other and blot till dry.

If the moisture is still present stack 5 to 8 sheets of paper towel and place over the stained area and place a heavy book on top to help absorb the excess moisture. Leave overnight if needed. If you are leaving it overnight be sure to change the paper towels before bed. Repeat as often as necessary.

10. Dab and Blot

Remember always scrape solids up and blot liquid spills. Never rub from side to side. The little effort it takes to make up the above solutions will save you a lot of money and time. Always remember to do a spot test on a hidden area before applying. Be sure to dab and work in towards the center of the stain. Even if the stain will not come out it will make it easier for the professionals to lift it when they come to clean the carpets.

11. Store Safely

If you are making up solutions in advance be sure to mark all containers before storing them and never leave them where young children might get at them.

12. Scotch Guard

Your new carpet may be scotch guarded to make it stain resistant but it is always a good idea to remove the stain with the above treatments anyway.

If you use these 12 tips to remove stains with carpet cleaners you can’t go wrong