It can be very confusing when shopping around for log siding. At Log Home Outfitters, we believe that an informed customer makes for a successful project. It’s easy to see why so many buyers choose Log Home Outfitters to help them build their dream home.

We have compiled some useful information that we believe will make your decision and obvious one.

  • Improvements in Log Sidings
  • Log Siding Profiles Available
  • Log Siding Package Details
  • Learning Seminars
  • Open Houses

Log siding is a great way to get an authentic Log Home look without the Log Home price.  Reason being: full logs are more expensive to buy and more costly to install.  Log siding on the other hand is very easy to install, produces less wasted materials, and provides the same insulating quality or better depending on what type of insulation is used with the conventionally built wall thus saving you money in the long run as well.  Learn more about the benefits of our Log Siding in the Improvements in Log Siding portion of our web site.

Once you have reviewed the research materials, you may have some further questions. You can contact us for more information, or if you think a learning seminar may be what you are looking for, you can check our upcoming events. We hope this research information was helpful. At Log Home Outfitters we promise to be honest, be helpful, never accept anything less than the best, and to never stop working to improve the product line.