Adhesives Provide ‘Nail Power’ Without the Nails

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(ARA) – Homeowners are finding that adhesives are indispensable when it comes to do-it-yourself projects around the home. Adhesives add stability and strength to most projects and offer an easy way to make projects “stick.”

In fact, professional contractors say using the right adhesives can prevent a lot of costly maintenance down the line. And, a degree isn’t needed to select the right adhesive. All it takes is a quick trip to the local hardware store and a brief introduction to the adhesives aisle. Most adhesives are self-explanatory, and the packaging gives detailed directions on what kinds of materials the adhesive works with best.

The makers of Nail Power offer these tips for deciding which adhesives will meet your needs:

Once you get familiar with adhesives, you will find that there are adhesives for practically all jobs around the home, from basic home projects and repairs to heavy-duty construction needs, which can require a bond stronger than wood itself. Certain adhesives can also be used on wet or frozen lumber.

For those “strong as nails” projects like putting up drywall or paneling, there are adhesives engineered to eliminate nail pops and reduce nailing up to 50 percent.

A tub surround adhesive can provide quick adhesion to reduce extended and complicated bracing. Although it provides a strong bond, the solvent-free adhesive will not damage the plastic panels, and maintains resistance to water, heat and steam.

There is also a water-resistant adhesive specifically designed for vinyl and rubber cove bases. The adhesive prevents vinyl from curling, holding the material in place.

What about that mirror in the bedroom that’s been leaning against the wall since you moved in? There is an easy-to-use mirror mastic adhesive that can permanently mount a mirror to wood, drywall or painted surfaces. Now, isn’t it great to get the “full view” in the mirror?

There’s not much Nail Power adhesives won’t stick to. If you want to learn more about the kinds of adhesives that can help with your “stickiest” DIY home projects, visit