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How to find a reliable moving company in new york city?

I know that in this day and age it is hard to find a good moving company that will move your belongings from one side to the other side of Manhattan, you cant really go from the upper west side to the upper west side of Manhattan without being ripped off and I am sure that you know about what I am talking

In order to hire a moving company you need to do the following:

Go online and request free estimates from 4-6 moving companies that are serving the new york city metropolitan.

Check to see that they have a license to work in new york city it should start with NYDOT anything like ICC MC or USDOT is fine but not for local moves within the same city

Compare prices -hourly rate travel time boxes and supplies prices in new york it is illegal to charge for tape bubble wrap or packing paper unless you order those items before the move day at the move day they are not allow to charge for those items.

Make sure to tell your estimator that you have stairsÂ… you donÂ’t want to find out later that they charge you by flight of stairs as wellÂ…

Try to ask your friends for advice on which company to hire I am sure that in one part of their nyc experience they moved with a moving company before and they might help

The most reliable referred company that I know today is Divine Moving out of new york city, they have a very good reviews over the web and in some of the city websitesÂ…

They donÂ’t have any hidden charges

The only problem with them that you need to reserve a team way in advanceÂ…