Bathroom Taps Choosing The One You Need

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Whether you’re designing anew home, remodeling your bathroom, or adding a bathroom to your existing home, you’ll need to choose bathroom taps for your new bathroom.

Ceramic disk valves vs conventional valves

Do the taps you are consider have Ceramic disk valves or conventional screw down valves? The ceramic valves are considered to provide better function, but are generally more expensive.

You just have to decide if the difference is worth the extra price or not.


There are many different bathroom tap designs, but they are broken down into two main categories – Contemporary designs and traditional designs.

Contemporary designs offer you unique, cutting edge designs to give your bathroom a fresh, edgy look.

Conventional designs give you an older, more traditional look.

Of course, you will want to synchronize your bathroom fixtures so that they are all of one overall design.


Bathroom taps are available in many different finishes, to suit any taste or need.

Some of the most common finishes are chrome, brass, and gold.

Keep in mind that in general, the finish is unrelated to the construction of the fixture.

In other words, a brass finish faucet is probably not made of brass.

On some designs, you can also get extras like ceramic handles.

These add a very stylish, classy look to your faucet.

Of course, ceramic will not be as durable as metal, but risk of breakage is very low on a quality bathroom tap.


Bathroom taps are being sold with increasingly good guarantees, such as 10 years.

Check the guarantee of the bathroom tap you are considering buying.

Ease of use

If possible, you should check a fixture for ease of use before you buy it.

Does it operate smoothly and easily? Is it easy to operate with wet and slippery hands?

Keep these tips in mind to help you choose the perfect bathroom taps!