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Modern Bathtubs

The bathtubs that one usually sees nowadays or bathtubs that are more commonly used are replete with waste or overflow drains and what’s more taps are mounted on them.

These taps could be of the free standing or the built in variety.

Till a short time ago, the shape of the bathtubs was starkly rectangular, however, with the advent of acrylic thermoformed bathtubs, you are now offered a variety of shapes.

Bathtubs are available in a variety of colors and a decorative appeal.

Today, they have become an intrinsic component, which not only has practical use but also increases the visual appeal of the bathroom.

The most common color is white, though you can pick from an array of different colors.

It was Scottish born American, by the name of David Dunbar Buick who discovered the process of the enameling cast iron bathtubs.

Bathtubs Styles

There are two major styles of bathtubs around which are configured the various designs of bathtubs.

The first one is the western style bathtubs wherein the person who is bathing can lie down.

Such bathtubs are more commonly used and generally are shallow and long.

The Second style is the eastern style of bathtubs wherein a bather sits up.

They are small in size but are deep.

As aforementioned, western style bathtubs are more popular than eastern style bathtubs.

While selecting the style not only must you keep your own personal preferences in mind, but also the size of the bathroom.

If you want a bathtub, but your bathroom is not large enough, then you might want to go for an eastern style bathtub.

The Claw Foot Bathtub

You might have come across an authentic Claw Foot Bathtub while watching a movie.

These bathtubs typically made up of cast iron were once considered an item of great luxury.

However, with the advancements in modern technology and the appearance of the acrylic versions of this bathtub, there has been a severe drop in prices of the Claw Foot Bathtub.

The real antique Claw Foot Bathtubs are still a collector’s item and worth quite a bit of money.

These are bought, restored, and then installed in a bathroom, but most people these days veer towards the new version of Claw Foot bathtubs that are easily available in the market today.

These bathtubs are available in five major styles.

The Modern Tubs – Hot Tubs and Whirlpool

With the rapid advancement in plumbing technology emerge various types of bathtubs that are not only used for bathing but for the purpose of massage and relaxation as well.

You can install these massage bathtubs in your bathroom and get the benefit of a health spa right in your home.

There are typically two types of massage bathtubs that you can choose from – a Water Jet or Whirlpool massage bath tub and an Air massage bath tub.

In an Air massage bathtub, thousand of air bubbles will massage all parts of your body, while you soak inside the tub.

In the second instance, jets of water will strike your body, from the various holes on the sides of the bathtub.

This will offer you an incomparable body massage and go a long way in invigorating your body.

Once you start your search for a bathtub, you will come to realize the innumerable choices offered to you by the market for bathtubs.

Research the market and the prices, as well as the quality, of various bathtubs before making your choice.

After all, you are not going to buy a new bathtub again and again.