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Selecting a bean bag chair for a friend, family or yourself is a fun experience with a huge selection of fabrics, colors and styles to suit any home or lifestyle. Beanbag chairs are great as a gift for someone that is pregnant or has back pain. The soft and gentle shape of beanbags allows comfort as it moulds to the personÂ’s shape when they sit down.

There are many safety issues to consider when buying a beanbag and whether it is water and/or sun resistant. When you have purchased a good quality beanbag chair by checking out the quality. If you take care of you bean bag it will take care of you for many years to come.

When you are selecting a style you need to consider the recipient of this gift. Are they children, elderly, pregnant, middle aged? Where will this beanbag spend most of its time? Will it sit by the pool, in a bedroom or in a lounge? Children are more suited to stronger fabrics and darker colors, as they are likely to spill something and be rough with it. If the recipient is a fan of a local football team then a bright green to suit the teamÂ’s colors is a great idea. There are many sizes available for a small to larger person and a style that can seat up to 2 people. An elderly person may prefer a softer bean bag with warmer colors to suit their home and lifestyle.

With such an array of colors available you can choose a bean bag to match any personality. Bright and bold colors are great for a modern apartment whereas soft, warmer colors are ideal for a small, distinguished home. Bean bags are a great way to spruce up any home. They are great for clubs, bars and really give the room a touch of sophistication without spending over the budget. Originally popular in the 70’s, the beanbag is back in style and funkier than ever. They are incredibly comfortable and once you have obtained the correct ‘groove’ you will be set. A great price of furniture as the beads mould to your back and support you where you need it most. If is always ideal to overfill your bean bag with beans so there is plenty of support and over time the beans may become crushed together.

Cleaning a bean bag chair is a breeze due to itÂ’s durable outside layer that lets you gently remove stains. When bean chairs are used frequently they will need to be wiped occasionally with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. You can remove the covers for easy clean in the washing machine. There is a liner available that will keep the beans in when you remove the outside layer. This liner may be harder to wash and require the beans transferred. The most durable fabrics are the PVC or Vinyl and can be simply wiped clean.

When you have purchased you new beanbag chair cover, now you will need to fill it. This can be done with polystyrene beans. Close all windows and doors when you are pouring the beans into the bag as they are light and may escape. It is best to fill 15cm above the widest point on the bag to ensure you have enough beans to support you when you are seated. The beans are small expanded, polystyrene pieces. Fire retardant beans are great if you can find them and you should always keep then bean bag away from heaters and fireplaces for your own safety.