Buying crib bedding for your new Born baby

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If you’re a parent expecting a child in the near future congratulations are in order.

It is just remarkable how the female body reproduces new life.

Being a father myself it’s just such an exciting time and really completes everything in your life.

I’m guessing you’re at the stage where its time to find all your babies needs and of course a crib set.

Doesn’t the Internet make things just so much easier for pregnant women? Especially when the women is not far of giving birth! No running around the city looking for baby gear, everything can be done in the comfort of you’re own home.

So how do you and your partner find that perfect crib set for the new nursery?

There are literally thousands of websites on the net that sell crib bedding.

I would suggest starting out [depending if it’s a boy or a girl] with a theme.

As a example maybe dolphins for girls and cars or dragons for boys it really depends on you and the things the parent is into, more than likely your child will grow up with your similar interests.

Yes I know some parents find out at the ultra sound while others would rather wait and be surprised.

If you don’t know maybe just go with neutral colours and just pick a theme that doesn’t really mean it’s a boy thing or a girl thing.

My suggestion for this situation is go with the ocean theme [seashells, sharks, dolphins octopus] I’ll leave it up to you!

Now back to finding that crib once you have your theme its time to shop around.

Just check prices if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are web sites that can custom build your crib, a lot of parents are now choosing this option.

You may even go with a second hand crib of eBay you’ll be surprised what’s on offer there it could save you a lot of cash! In saying that it is very important I tell you this Dr.

Jim Sprott a scientist of New Zealand states that second hand crib mattresses can be a major factor in causing SIDS otherwise known as crib death or cot death.

What happens is chemicals are used on the foam and then over time the outer layer of the mattress forms a fungus when these two combine it creates a deadly toxin that can cause the death of an infant.

Please don’t play around with second-hand mattresses you’re babies life is worth more than a silly mattress.

Just be aware of that!!

Ok I hope I’ve helped you out a bit and I wish you and you’re family the very best in life.

Say hello to the new arrival for me!

Written Buy Joel Pearce