Careful Handling Of Non-Friable Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tile And Adhesive Mastic

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Asbestos tiles are non-friable, but improper removal helps to separate and form corners and break into pieces.

Non-friable asbestos tiles and adhesive mastic should be removed using procedures like wet methods and breaking the adhesive bonds by flooding, heating, and using dry ice.

In wet method, the removal personnel dissolve the Mastic with a suitable solvent.

Thereafter they use a HEPA filter equipped vacuuming device to remove and pick up the resulting slurry.

Breaking Adhesive Bonds of Tiles:

Adhesive bonds help in holding asbestos tiles to the Floors.

Flooding floor tile with warm water for a day or two helps easier separation of tiles with a wide blade tool.

Electric infrared heater, weed burner, a propane or blowtorch helps scoop up and flip over the tiles for removal.

Spreading dry ice with insulating covers around on the floor also breaks the adhesive bonds.

Some people also use Suitable indoor solvents for this purpose.

Disposing Asbestos Tiles and Mastic:

According to Asbestos Control Program, the removed asbestos tiles should be kept in wet condition to reduce possibility of exposure of asbestos fibers.

Removal personnel should seal the container with duct tape and place appropriate asbestos label.

Moreover, they should consult the Landfill operator for adequate disposal of asbestos containing material.

Hazards of Asbestos Exposure – Asbestosis and Mesothelioma

Damaged asbestos floor tile forms dust-like particles that float into air that can be inhaled by workers and people staying in nearby areas.

Once inhaled, the asbestos particles settle inside the respiratory tract and lungs causing cancer of esophagus, digestive tract, larynx, colon, kidney, stomach, and lung fibrosis known as “Asbestosis,” and the infamous cancers of lining of lung and abdomen lining called “Mesothelioma.”

Precautions For Asbestos Tile Removal:

The person undertaking asbestos tile removal should wear disposable complete body covering.

They should dispose the clothing with the asbestos waste.

Wearing a disposable dust mask respirator with HEPA filters cartridges, and taking bath is needed as a precaution against contamination while removing asbestos tiles.

Wet cleaning can be employed for walls and surfaces of the room.