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A ceiling fan is a great alternative to an air condition, its decorative and doesn’t make a lot of noise, as summer closes in, have you considered installing a ceiling fan?.

I was always an air condition kind of guy, summers were too hard for me and the air condition would be up most of the time, it all changed when I visited some friends for a few days a couple of years ago, staying in a room without an air condition unit but with a ceiling fan almost immediately cost me my trip, I didn’t want to stay, my friends convinced me to give it a try, and after one night in that room – I was a changed man.

Not only did the ceiling fan cooled me during the night, it did not disturb my sleep, I didn’t wake up freezing in the middle of the night, and I felt great, my nose was not running and I didn’t feel like I slept in a box all night.

The ceiling fan was the first thing I wanted to get when I came back home.

I started looking for the ceiling fan that would fit me, and was overwhelmed by the selection and the variety of ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, old ones and new one, in almost all shapes and colors and from different material, the world of ceiling fans opened up to me, as I to the ceiling fan options.

A ceiling fan does not work like an air conditioner that actually lowers the ambient temperature of a room.

Instead, a fan swirls the air, moving it from place to place and creating a wind effect.

The passing air absorbs some of the heat from your body and, as it moves away, it carries with it the excess heat.

It has been estimated that a ceiling fan, circulating air, can create an effect of a reduction of up to 3 degrees in body temperature.

The ceiling fan options start with the Casablanca ceiling fan that draws its inspiration from life, nature, and the environment.

If you are looking for a new, quality ceiling fan then do not neglect to look at the wonderful line of ceiling fans that Casablanca has to offer.

You will not regret the classical, yet innovative features that are found in a ceiling fan made by Casablanca.

Another excellent option are the Hunter ceiling fan is one of the most respected fans in the industry.

They have been making fans for over 120 years.

After that long, they are sure to get a few things right.

They create each fan with confidence, drawing from their long and prestigious history.

They offer many different styles of ceiling fans that are appropriate for nearly any room or budget.

Installing a ceiling fan I not a simple work, but it can sure be a lot of fun for the whole family, try to think about all the things that you want in your ceiling fans and check out the different prices and option available on the market today, a lot of ceiling fans do not cost that much and you can certainly think of a budget before you actually buy one.

I hope you will enjoy your ceiling fan for many years!