Chairs: Gotta Have Them

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There are many things in life that we take for granted.

When is the last time you were truly thankful for air, water or even a warm meal? For many people, our lives are so full of blessing that we forget about all of the simple things that make our lives to much easier and better.

I recently thought about just how different our lives would be without one simple thing: chairs.

Can you imagine life without any chairs? I certainly cannot.

Think about all the places you rely on chairs to make your life comfortable and easy.

Remember, for example, the many years you spent in school.

Other than perhaps story time in kindergarden, your time in school was spent sitting in chairs to learn.

Our lives would be very different if we had to make it through math, science and english classes sitting on the floor.

Or think about the lunch room.

Can you imagine eating lunch on the floor with all your friends each day?

When I thought about the blessing that chairs are to our lives, I couldn’t help but think about restaurants.

In some countries in the world it is common to sit on the floor to eat.

Can you imagine going out for a fancy dinner with your family or friends and having to sit in your nice suit or dress on the floor? Of course not.

Think of what would happen if you went to attend a formal party or wedding reception and discovered that you would be seated on the floor, without chairs, for the entire evening.

I bet your time at the party would not last as long as you were expecting.

If you love going to the movies as much as I do then you appreciate the comfort of the theature chairs that you sit in each time you enjoy a new film.

Picture yourself going to the movie theature for the next great film and having to sit in a mass of strangers on the floor in front of the screen.

Sound strange? I agree.

Next time you head into a theature and sit in the chairs smile and be thankful.

Probably the place that I take having great chairs for granted in is my home.

There is nothing better than coming home and enjoying the newspaper in your favorite rocking chair or reading a book in a recliner.

Can you imagine your home without chairs? Mine would be quite empty and very uncomfortable.

Once you start thinking about all of the places that you enjoy sitting on chairs it isn’t hard to imagine how different our lives would be without them.

So sit down in one of your favorite chairs, enjoy it, and be very thankful you have it today.