Clean, Restore, Beautify And Protect Your Deck

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It’s time to move out the patio furniture and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

But before you do, make sure you clean, restore, beautify and protect your deck so you can get the most out of it during the spring and summer months ahead.

Here are some tips from the experts at Wolman® Wood Care Products:

• Clean the deck thoroughly to remove embedded dirt, mildew stains and weathered gray surface wood with a formulated deck cleaner like Wolman® DeckBrite™.

It restores outdoor wood to its natural beauty without bleaching or yellowing and removes invisible surface barriers, like the mill glaze on new wood, which can prevent the adhesion of protective coatings and stains.

• Strip any deteriorating or unwanted finish.

If the finish on your deck has seen better days-or if you want a different look-use a product like Wolman® DeckStrip® Stain & Finish Remover.

It removes both oil and latex stains and clear finishes and prepares the wood for your new finish or stain.

• Once the wood is cleaned and restored, beautify and protect it with a water-repellent finish.

You may want to apply a semitransparent stain, like Wolman® DuraStain®, or a rich transparent oil finish, like Wolman® F&P®, to enhance the beauty of your deck.

But even if you decide not to stain, it’s important to protect it with a clear water repellent.

Water repellents stop spring showers from penetrating the wood surface, which can cause swelling, shrinking, warping and cracking.

Many water repellents, including Wolman® RainCoat®, also contain a mildewcide that will impede the growth of mildew on your deck during the warm months ahead.

Preparing your deck for spring will protect your investment in it and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.