Control Dust With The Touch Of A Button

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans have allergies.

Quite simply, an allergy is overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance that is eaten, breathed, injected or touched.

While you can’t eliminate your body’s reaction to allergies, you can limit its exposure to contaminants such as dust and pollen.

ODL’s new Motorized Doorglass Blinds can help control dust from settling in your home as they are enclosed between two panes of insulated safety glass.

As no dust and debris come in contact with the blinds, dusting is never required, which means reduced allergens in the home.

As the name alludes, the Motorized Doorglass Blinds are automated, meaning there are no strings or cords to fool with.

The blinds operate at the touch of a button, which is integrated into the doorglass frame.

As there are no cords, the blinds are a safe and worry-free option for homes with children and pets.

Motorized Doorglass Blinds meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines for maximum forward reach and operating force, adding another measure of convenience for homes that accommodate aging adults or disabled individuals.

As you think about ways to improve your home this spring, don’t forget to take a look at your entry doors.

It just may be it’s time for an update.

If so, the Motorized Doorglass Blinds are a great choice for controlling light and privacy as well as dust and pollen.

They are available from many suppliers of fiberglass or steel entry doors for new home or retro-fit applications.