Decorating For Thanksgiving – Budget Friendly Decor For The Holiday

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Decorating for Thanksgiving on a tight budget can be simple when using elements found around your home or apartment. Here are a few tips for adding that special Thanksgiving flavor to your decor for little or no money.

THINK FALL COLORS. Thanksgiving decorating requires a harvest color scheme of warm yellows, golds, burnt reds, browns and greens. Think in terms of these colors when selecting ribbons and fabrics to be used with your projects.

START GATHERING. Go outdoors and start gathering colorful fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, sticks, twigs and large branches. Use the large branches to anchor a display on or inside shelves, counter tops or bookcases. Fill the display with the items you gathered until you have a collage of color. Also consider stacking logs on your porch or inside your space…even if you don’t have a fireplace

CREATING A CENTERPIECE All you need to create this budget piece are your outdoor supplies and a hot glue gun. Using a large attractively shaped branch, start gluing your leaves and branches in a natural pattern in and around the branch. You can buy attractive Indian corn and gourds at your local grocery store to place next this centerpiece to complete your Thanksgiving table. Use your harvest colored ribbons as accents.

REUSE PUMPKINS. Don’t think that pumpkins are only for Halloween. Some vendors largely discount pumpkins after October 31st. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Decorate with pumpkins of all sizes by adding them to your porch or indoor displays. Just before your Thanksgiving dinner use them to create homemade pumpkin soup or pie. No waste here

ILLUMINATION. Candles are the obvious choice for bringing warmth to your Thanksgiving festivities. Select a variety of sizes and shapes to add contrast. A good rule of thumb when on a budget is to think multiple uses. White candles can be used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Tea candles work well when displayed in glasses and are also a little more budget friendly. The least expensive illumination tips are to use your old white Christmas tree lights on top of bookcases or draped around your room. Get a jumpstart on Christmas.

You can create an atmosphere that exudes the warmth and welcome you feel for your guest by adding special touches to your decor. Just by using what you have, a little elbow grease and some imagination you can create a holiday atmosphere…for little to or money