Easy Installation Of Mini Blinds

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Mini blinds are an effective way to control glare and sun invasion, are easy to operate and provide optimum privacy while maintaining a pleasant appearance.

To the delight of many homeowners, mini blinds can be used in conjunction with various other window coverings.

The main drawback to mini blinds is that they are not airtight and they do not provide adequate insulation.

Their main feature, however, is to help prevent direct sunlight and they accomplish this feat very well.

When selecting mini blinds, it is important to realize that not all are created equally.

In fact, they are designed using three basic materials, including vinyl, aluminum and wood.

Of all three, vinyl is the least expensive while aluminum offers the largest selection of color and can be custom sized.

Wood mini blinds are the most expensive of the materials and, much like aluminum, they can be custom sizes and are available in a variety of different tones.

When measuring for mini blinds, an individual must first determine their position.

For instance, inside mounting provides a more custom appearance while outside mounting promotes improved sunlight control.

For inside mounting, the width between the areas that will feature brackets must be measured.

After noting the narrowest measurement of the top, middle and bottom, the length from the top inside casing to the sill must be measured.

If mounting is to be on the outside, the overall width of the coverage area must be measured.

After the area has been measured and the mini blinds purchased, installation should be a piece of cake.

Installation will begin by removing the window stop from the top part of the window.

Next, the brackets that accompanied the mini blinds will need to be screwed to the side window casing at the top.

During this step, two to three screws should be used per bracket.

The mini blinds are then ready to be slid into the brackets.

Once in place, the mini blinds can be secured by placing the end caps over the brackets.

For many individuals, the installation of mini blinds is an easy task.

However, for those who do not wish to undertake this task or who simply do not have the time, a professional home repair specialist may be the best way to ensure proper installation.

Due to the simplicity of the project and the fact that the mini blinds are already purchased, the cost of installation should be minimal.