Feather Wreaths: Attractive And Simple To Make

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Feather wreaths can be a strikingly attractive decoration and are surprisingly simple to construct.

A wreath made from feathers (either real or artificial) can take many forms.

They range from playful decorative items constructed from artificial pink fuzzy feathers to more traditional looking seasonal door pieces made from the feathers of wild turkeys.

The options are nearly endless.

A quick look at any major crafts show will reveal hundreds of possibilities.

The many different styles of these wreaths make them a consistently popular accent item.

Although there are many different patterns and ways to construct a feather wreath, one of the more simple means to produce one is by using a basic straw wreath form (available at any major craft store) and several large feathers.

This approach requires no additional supplies, except a pencil or other device that may be used to poke guide holes into the form.

The wreath maker simply splays out the feathers and creates a ring around the bottom third of the form.

Usually, the feathers are inserted at an angle to produce a more organized and attractive final product.

After completing the first ring of feathers, additional layers are made using the same pattern.

Generally, three or four layers will produce a desirable outcome if the feathers are sufficiently large relative to the wreath form’s size.

After all feathers are properly inserted, the wreath maker may add accent items to improve the final performance.

The traditional favorite is a bow placed at the bottom of the wreath.

This strategy for producing a feather wreath works wonderfully with large turkey feathers and can produce a stunning seasonal piece perfect for fall and Thanksgiving decoration.

However, the technique will work with virtually any kind of feather.

For instance, one can create an angelic wreath from white flowers or a fun, colorful craft from a bag of multicolored artificial feathers.

Feather wreaths can be relatively simple to make and produce a wreath maker with a popular alternative to wreaths constructed from leaves, twigs or branches.

The exact nature of a flower wreath is limited only by the maker’s imagination.