Filterless Air Purifiers: What You Need To Know

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As the importance of healthy living conditions assumes greater proportions, air purifiers and air cleaners have started to become an integral part of millions of households.

And quietly rising in prominence among air purifiers is a special type called the filterless air purifier – a testimony to the advances that have been made in this field.

Like the name suggests filterless air purifiers clean or purify the air without the help of a filter and are effective in removing particulate matter that typically cause allergy symptoms.

Let’s try and now gain an informed insight into the world of filterless air purifiers.

Filterless air purifiers are functionally strong in terms of removing particulate matter such as dust, mold spores, pollen or pollen-like grains and other similar-sized particles from the ambient air.

A point to note here is that while popular types of filterless air purifiers carry a carbon sheet to absorb unfriendly odors, its not a recommended option for people who are hypersensitive to chemical particles (MCS – Multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers) or people who suffer from asthma.

That is to mean that physical absorption is a sure strength of these filterless air purifiers but the same cant be said about chemical absorption.

So what makes the filterless air purifier different from your regular air purifier? Fundamentally, it’s the way the unit works: Inside the filterless unit are a set of two plates that are electrically active much like the plates of a capacitor.

The function of the first plate of the filterless air purifier is to charge the particles in the airflow and that of the second plate is to absorb the particles that have been charged by the first place through electrostatic attraction.

As you might have guessed, the actual number of moving parts in this kind of an operating unit is low and hence there is lesser wear and tear of the filterless air purifier and also a lesser operating noise.

The only pain point if any at all of this marvelous system is that the plates need to be washed regularly to achieve maximum efficiency.

As you can see filterless air purifiers make an obvious choice for the function-conscious user desirous of procuring a value-for-money product.

Experience the effect of this air purifier and open the doors to a future that’s a whole lot healthier than ever in your past.

Here is to a happy healthy life!!