Fireplace Buying Tips

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When you begin the search to find the right fireplace for your home you may want to start by researching what the energy efficiency rating is on the fireplaces you are interested in.

To assist in finding the fireplaces with higher energy efficiency ratings look for the EnerGuide Fireplace Efficiency ratings on those fireplaces you are considering.

Questions to ask yourself when you start shopping:
-What price range can you afford?
-What style of fireplace will match your homes decor?
-How large is the room it will be installed in?
-How often will the fireplace get used?
-Must have features on your fireplace?
-Features you would like but not critical?

Common features of fireplaces that have higher energy efficiency ratings:
-Direct vent fireplace.
-Ceramic glass.
-Intermittent or automatic electronic ignition system.
-Secondary heat exchanger.
-Insulated outer casing.
-A quiet squirrel cage-type circulating fan.
-Automatic or variable setting control to adjust temperature.

Other things to consider:
-Have a certified professional install your fireplace.

-Shop and review the various models on the market, take your time.
-Carefully review the warranty to clearly see what is and is not covered.

Once installed, plan to have your fireplace serviced at least once a year by a certified professional.