Fleas- A Common Resident In Every House

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They are one of the greatest bloodsucking parasites which can cause lot of damage.

These different types of fleas live by sucking blood from mammals and birds.

Some of the very common fleas are the cat flea, dog flea, human flea, northern rat flea and oriental rat flea.

You may suffer from an allergic reaction and may also get transmitted with severe diseases due to these fleas.

Because of the warm, humid and readily available environment in your home, these fleas easily survive without much hindrance.

They procreate in huge numbers which makes them next to – indestructible.

Many a times these fleas just become a nuisance other than anything else.

Their small fish like structure goes unnoticed which makes it difficult to detect.

Presence of pets in your house is another reason for fleas to attack humans.

Having a spick and span environment keeps them off from your mattresses.

The growth rate is so high that it becomes next to impossible to end the reign of terror.

Some of the common affects fleabites have on us is loss of hair, severe allergic reaction – rashes, itchy skin and severe diseases.

Home Remedies for Fleas

Keep your house clean by regular vacuuming as well as cleaning and bathing your pets to avoid any circulation of these parasites.

One of the most natural repellents which we have come across to fight fleas is the eucalyptus leaves.

Somehow the smell is a major turn off for them.

You can use borax, which works great against the fleas.

Spread it across your house; let it sit for some days and later vacuum your house to remove those fleas.

Spreading cedar chips along your fence line or in your room can keep the fleas at bay.

You can also have a tansy plant outside your dogs’ pen to keep the fleas away.

Make garlic an important part of pets’ food.

Mix it, crush it, mince it, powder it and use it in any form to keep the pest away from the pets.

Adding yeast pills in your dog’s diet also gets rid of the fleas.

These yeast pills can be easily found in any of the medical stores.

Try diatomaceous earth, is one of the most natural ways to get rid of fleas.

It can used be in your house, around the house and on your dog.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article.

Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it.

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