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There is nothing quite like being able to walk around in the middle of winter, barefoot and warm.

Under floor heating provides warmth that keeps you comfortable from your toes to the top of your head.
By having warm feet the whole body feels warmer.

As the warmth from the floor rises, it heats the whole of the house in a mild manner without the noise and drafts of fans or the smell of open fires or gas heaters.

Under floor heating is best installed when the house is being constructed, as it needs to be under the flooring whether it is carpet or tiles.

To install under floor heating into a finished house would require the lifting of the flooring and the installation of the floor heating mats.

With tiles, this would require the breaking of the old tiles and the additional costs of laying new tiles.

This might rule out under floor heating as a cost effective alternative for older houses.

When the cost of lifting the old tiles, added to the purchase and laying of the new tiles is calculated, it might prove excessive compared to other sources of heating such as a heat pump.

The running costs of under floor heating can also be quite expensive if left to run continuously.

For this reason many houses are fitted with timers that turn the flooring on early in the morning before the occupants of the house rise and turn the floor heating off during the day when everyone is out of the house and at work.

Many consumer sites on the internet offer comparisons between the costs of installation and the running costs of the various different types of home heating systems, however many people are happy to pay a little more for the added luxury of the silent warmth of under floor heating.