Fresh Air With An Air Freshener

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Air fresheners are used to ward off bad odour in the room or the entire house.

A pleasant smelling room is always more inviting.

The variety of fragrances available in the market is mind-boggling.

With newer scents and fragrances introduced in the market at regular interval, the consumer is spoilt for choice.

Air fresheners are available without any fragrances also.

They simply neutralize the odours.

Air fresheners operate in many ways.

They cover up the bad odour, neutralize the offending smell or sanitize it.

Many air fresheners eliminate the offending odour and leave a flowery fresh odour behind.

The fresheners are available in long standing tubes with gel air freshener, or nowadays they can be found in battery and electricity operated units.

But the most common type available is the spray tubes.

Nearly ninety percent of the manufacturers offer various spray tubes that can be used in any part of the house or room.

Spray tubes are handy, they can be packed and carried from one place to another.

This way a favourite brand of air freshener is never out of reach.

The consumer can decide how much fragrance he or she wants with each spray.

There is a pressure adjustable mode that allows the required amount of fragrance to be sprayed.

There are many designs of fresheners and they work well in various nooks and corners of the house.

Some can be used in cupboards, drawers and other such closed places.

Stick air fresheners are used in vacuum cleaning.

This serves a dual purpose of cleaning and freshening.

Fresheners are also used in cars.

Car air fresheners are easy to use and easy on the pocket; they are effective in cleaning the bad odour of tobacco smoke and other pollutants.

People who travel a lot in cars use fresheners regularly.

Air fresheners use a lot of chemicals.

All the fragrances are synthetic and chemically prepared.

Many people are allergic to one or more component of the freshener, they start sneezing or wheezing when it is sprayed.

Some components are carcinogens.

Overuse of chemicals in the house can trigger health problems, it is a far better option to maintain the rooms or the home in a spick and span condition.

Regular cleaning, dusting can eliminate the offending odours hanging around the house.

There are natural air fresheners too.

Flowers in the house cheer up the place no end with the additional benefit of giving a sweet fresh fragrance.