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You’re a grown-up now; it’s time to keep those undies and wet towels off the floor.

Furthermore, being a pack-rat is not a quality most find appealing.

That doesn’t mean you should change, just hide it better.

And while it may not bother you that your “office” furniture consists of a folding card table and rusty file cabinet, it sure doesn’t send a very professional message to potential clients.

So, get a jump on spring and get organized with these nifty-and functional-finds.

Stylish Hampers Turn a functional item into part of your decor with the collapsible trendy hampers by Garnet Hill($38), which stores flat when not in use.

Bug off Mask those dirty sock odors and keep moths at bay with these hanger sachets by Elizabeth W($18).

Handbag stash It’s a fact of life that every girl needs lots of handbags (oversized shoulder bags, tiny clutches, hobos, you get the picture).

What’s not necessary is the disorganized way you store your cherished totes.

The Simply Sarah Handbag Hanger($30) is a stylish solution to the problem of efficiently storing handbags.

Hanger on Everyone hates those little bumps left in your shirt by hangers.

We all have tried unsuccessfully to get them out by putting water on them, ironing them.

Nothing works.

Now, you never have to deal with those pesky bumps again.

Eradicate unattractive shoulder bumps forever with the soft, round design of Bumps Be-Gone($17 for 8).

Keep your keepsakes safe We all have keepsakes that mean a whole lot to us but might not be appropriate for public viewing.

Keep all your old love letters, ex-rated photos, prom corsage, whatever you hold dear in these black and white keepsake boxes with mother-of-pearl detail($25-30).

Trunk show Have company on their way over? Then you need the Sasha Trunk from Pier1($175) to hide those Star Wars figurines.

Perfect for any room of the house, this trunk is crafted out of solid hardwood in a light gray-wash finish, plus it features a sturdy metal lock.

Stylish bathroom storage Not every bathroom comes with a linen closet the size of a chic boutique.

If you’re like many Americans, you have some storage challenges when it comes to the “powder room”.

West Elm turns utilitarian on its head with the modular storage collection(prices vary depending on piece).

Right state of mind It really is true that when your space is organized, it frees your mind to be more productive.

Give it the old college try with the Eames Storage Unit($2,595) by Design Within Reach.

You just might be surprised by the results.