Getting The Victorian Look On A Budget

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When you say Victorian furniture many people think expensive.

But you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get the Victorian style in your home.

Her are some helpful tips in achieving your goals on a budget.

Many times in Victorian house they had big windows that are too high for ready-made curtains that you can buy in the store.

But to achieve the look you can make the curtain yourself.

The first thing is to get cafe clips and a cafe rod.

Depending on the look you want just have to buy the material.

If you’re going for a romantic look you should use a lace tablecloth.

If you want a fresh summer look, start with a sheet.

It doesn’t matter what kind of look you’re trying to get, you just have to make sure that the fabric is longer then the height of the window.

With the excess fabric you can fold it over double so you can make a top ruffle, and then attach the cafe clips about every six inches.

Then the last thing would be to slide the rings over the rod and you’re done! Depending on your taste you can add fringe or tassels.

You can change the look of a table instantly.

If you don’t have a round table, you can just get one of those assemble-it-yourself tables.

Many discount stores sell them for under $10, so there is no issue of money here.

First you should put a simple tablecloth over it.

If you would like to get a puffy look you can tuck the ends of the fabric so it kind of balloons on the floor.

The second layer would be a smaller lace tablecloth or a square piece of fabric that covers only the top of the table.

You can really have a little fun here when picking the colors and patterns.

As for the tops of the table, you can put pictures or paraphernalia.

Getting a gold metal picture frame will blend anywhere.

If you have a wood frame you can always paint over it to match your décor.

These little tips can help you create a Victorian style on a low budget.

So you can create the home of your dreams.