Grandfather Clocks – A Brief History

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Grandfather clocks were originally known as floor clocks or long case clocks.

A song written in 1875 called “The Grandfather’s Clock” told the story of an aging floor clock that stood in the George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England.

Two brothers managed the hotel.

The clock began slowly losing time immediately upon the death of one of the brothers, and upon the death of the second brother, the floor clock stopped working altogether despite numerous attempts to have the clock repaired.

Eventually new management gained control of the George Hotel, but the clock remained in place as a tribute to the two brothers who had faithfully managed the hotel for so many years.

The term “grandfather clock” caught on quickly after the song became widely known and since then, what were originally known as floor clocks are commonly called Grandfather Clocks and are a cherished part of our culture.

Over the years there have been numerous improvements to time-keeping devices and grandfather clocks are no exception.

In modern times, a grandfather clock is a statement of excellent taste and firmly rooted tradition.

Grandfather clocks are commonly a family heirloom that is passed down through the generations.

Grandfather clocks vary somewhat in size, but are generally 6 to eight feet tall and lend a stately appearance to any room.

You can also find smaller versions of grandfather clocks, which are known as grandmother and granddaughter clocks.

Families for centuries have passed a cherished grandfather clock from one generation to the next, and today there are grandfather clocks with great historical and sentimental value.

Some of the oldest known grandfather clocks are still used as the models for the grandfather clocks we purchase today.

You will also be able to find more modern version of the grandfather clock in varying styles and colors.

Each time you see a grandfather clock, remind yourself of where this term originated and give a bit of thought to the long history of these treasured timepieces and heirlooms.

If you do not own a grandfather clock you will be happy to know that it is easy to start your own family heirloom and you will be able to find the perfect grandfather clock in all price ranges.