Grilling, Gardening or Storm Watching: Thermometers Provide the Numbers You Need

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(ARA)- To make the most of outdoor activities, people need more information: the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and whether any storms are lurking over the horizon.

Fortunately, there are thermometers that fit the bill for the weekend gardener, the grilling enthusiast, the weather aficionado or anyone in between. And with various outdoor celebrations throughout the season, thermometers make a great gift that’s also practical and attractive.

Accurate weather information

If it’s weather information you’re after, digital thermometers and weather stations are the latest trend. These handy devices incorporate wireless monitoring technology and provide the convenience of having a monitor on a table inside the house with a weatherproof sensor outdoors, in the attic or wherever you would like it to be. Acu-Rite’s models feature easy-to-read LCD screens that display both the internal room temperature as well as the temperature for up to three remote sensors with a range of up to 100 feet. They also function as clocks with snooze alarms and day/date displays.

The more advanced models will give you barometric pressure and humidity readings and alert you to weather changes and impending storms. If you want to monitor the temperature of your lily pond or swimming pool, the weatherproof sensors also come with a submersible waterproof probe.

If you are really into precision, Acu-Rite’s newest model, available this spring at Wal-Mart, will give you not only accurate weather readings, but also will synchronize to the official U.S. atomic clock in Boulder, Colo.

Spruce up the deck

Whether you need to know when to flip the burgers or when to flip yourself to get an even tan, a combination thermometer/clock on the deck is handy during warm weather. Many combination models or sets are available, in designs ranging from a bright mosaic, to garden herbs, to sea shells. Look for sets made from durable sculpted resin to withstand outdoor use and still provide accurate time and temperature information.

Decorative thermometers, including glazed ceramic or earthy terra cotta designs, are suitable for indoor or outdoor decorating. Stoney Creek’s ceramic line offers colorful designs with floral, French Provincial and other garden-related themes. Other designs incorporate nature themes such as birds, frogs and flowers that can also function as birdfeeders, key holders or planters. More traditionally-styled thermometers available from Acu-Rite include brass tub thermometers that mount to a window frame, metal verdigris or grape leaf patterns, or a nautical, porthole style thermometer.

Look for Acu-Rite products at major discount stores including Target, Kmart, Wal-Mart, ShopKo and Lowe’s. Stoney Creek Trading Co. products can be found at specialty retailers. Acu-Rite and Stoney Creek Trading Co. thermometers are made by the Chaney Instrument Company, an internationally-known maker of quality timepieces and thermometers since 1943. To learn more about the Acu-Rite or Stoney Creek Trading Co. brands or Chaney Instrument Co., visit