Hardwood Floor Cleaners

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The type of wood floor you have will determine the type of floor cleaner you need to use.

It is very important you choose the right cleaner because the wrong one can cause permanent damage to your wood floors.

If you are unsure about the type of wood floor you have there are a few simple ways you can test it to find out.

Most likely your floor has either a wax or surface finish.

What you want to do is find an inconspicuous area of your floor to test, usually a in a corner of a room.

Apply 2 drops of water directly to the floor.

If white spots appear under your drops within ten minutes your floor has a wax finish.

If the white spots do not appear you probably have a surface finish floor, to be sure take a coin and scratch the surface of the wood.

If it does not scratch then you can be sure that your flooring has a surface finish.

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Cleaners for Wood Flooring with a Wax Finish

You must dust mop and vacuum regularly, usually once a week.

You also want to buff the floor every now and again to keep it shiny.

Eventually buffing won’t be enough to shine the floor, that’s when you know it is time for a waxing.

Before waxing, clean the entire floor with a cleaner made specifically for your type of hardwood.

Apply the wax evenly across the entire area and when it is dry buff it out.

You should only need to wax your floor once or twice a year.

Cleaners for Wood Flooring with a Surface Finish

Sweep and vacuum your floor regularly.

Never use wax on a surface finish floor.

Instead, use a surface finish to recoat a dull wood floor.

Depending on the amount of traffic on the floor, you may have to apply the finish every couple of months.