Helpful Tips On Hardwood Floor Care

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Just like anything else in today’s times, if you can’t find it on the internet, then it can’t be had.

That being said, if you have spent the money to buy a good hardwood floor, then you are going to want to learn good hardwood floor care to protect your investment, and it is an investment since it can bring the resale value up on your house by at least 10% if not more.

Hardwood floors are beautiful and depending on what type of hardwood used, how much of an up keep and maintenance on your hardwood floors.

Here are some general tips on hardwood floor care.

Solid hardwood flooring, like all solid wood, is a natural insulator.

The cleaners used in your hardwood floor care will also help keep the natural insulation in the wood.

It’s made of microscopic hollow cells and these air spaces produce high insulating values.

It would take 15 inches of concrete to equal the insulating qualities of just one inch of wood.

Appearance alone can often determine the grade of each hardwood flooring piece.

All grades are equally strong and serviceable in any application.

Flooring generally free of eye catching blemishes is known as “Clear”, though it still may contain burls, streaks and pinworm holes.

“Select” is almost clear, but this grade contains more of the natural color variations and characteristics such as knots and other marks.

The “Common” grades, No.

1 and No.

2, have more markings than either of the other two grades and are often specified because of these widely varied natural features and the “strong” character they bring to floors.

Grades are sometimes combined (i.e., “Select & Better”).

Product combinations, such as short pieces or specific grain direction, Quartered and/or Rift, may also be separated by the manufacturer.

When you purchase your hardwood floor, be sure to ask them about this specific hardwood floor care, for the type of floor you are getting.

It’s the surface finishes that are very popular since they protect hardwood floors, their durable, water-resistant and require minimum maintenance, a good finish will determine how tough or easy your hardwood floor care will be.

Most are made of synthetic resins and are often referred to as urethanes or polyurethanes and give hardwood surfaces a protective coating.

These resins come in high-gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finishes.

In order to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for years, your floor needs to be dust mopped, swept, or vacuumed regularly.

Only use a manufacturer’s recommended cleaner and sand, buff, and recoat your floor when the surface no longer shines after cleaning.

Depending on the amount of traffic your floor gets will decide how often it will need to be refinished.

As long as you use good hardwood floor care techniques your hardwood floors should last a few good years before you need to refinish.