Home Improvement with Portable Air Purifiers

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Most of us have heard of the importance of air purifiers in the home.

No matter how much you clean, there is always something floating in the air.

Toxins from cleaners, air fresheners, aerosol spray bottles, pet dander, dust, mold, etc.

But what if you need to travel and still want fresh air? This is where a portable air purifier comes into play.

When you need to leave home and go into a crowded airport, movie theater, waiting room, etc you can now wear a portable air purifier around your neck or on your shirt pocket and breathe much easier.

The portable air purifier works in a similar way to a standard air purifier.

But it creates a zone in front of the mouth, nose, and eyes and repels the dust, smoke, pollen, allergens, dander, and anything else light enough to float in the air (up to .3 to 3 microns).

Testing also reveals that the portable air purifier kills many germs that are not repelled before being breathed in.

The level of toxicity does not affect how well the air purifier works.

It repels or kills all germs and toxins, no matter how potent.

This is a great way to avoid spreading viruses.

Wearing a surgical mask protects to a point, but the viruses stick to the mask.

The portable air purifier does not store the impurities.

There are numerous testimonies of people who have used air purifiers and noticed an immediate improvement in health.

If you have allergies or sensitivity it is especially important when traveling to use a portable air purifier.

During flu season and allergy season this really comes in handy.

Instead of getting drugged up to feel better, avoid accessing these germs and allergens in the first place.

One mother mentioned that before they got their air purifier the family would pass the flu around until everyone got it.

Since they purchased the air purifier, they no longer take turns with the flu.

Doctor’s offices and hospitals are especially prone to indoor pollution.

Remember to take your portable air purifier to your next doctor’s appointment.

It is better to prevent than treat.

Portable air purifiers are less expensive than standard air purifiers.

The portable air purifier can run on lithium batteries or you can use the fast charger and a set of rechargeable batteries for unlimited use.

Currently there is research being done to target even smaller particles down to the size of the influenza virus (.04 microns).

The results look promising, but are still preliminary.

Portable air purifiers are small, lightweight, and can be worn around the neck on clipped to a shirt pocket.

A breath of fresh air is now for sale.