Honda’s Newest Portable Generators

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New Honda inverter-equipped portable generators are user friendly, with Honda engines that run clean and surpass the regulations of environmentally friendly clean emissions.

This new EU series Honda portable generator gives you very high quality electrical power to run a wide range of commercial and home equipment products.

These can include the newest computers and even the most sensitive electronics products.

Honda’s new EU series inverter-equipped portables are ready to go anywhere.

These portable Honda generators are fuel efficient, with four stroke engines, eco throttling and a system that alerts you when oil is low.

They work with an automatic compression release (ACR) and are easily maintained.

Their mufflers are quiet, and they contribute to the quiet with a system for noise dampening as well.

This new Honda portable generator EU series delivers a multiple phase high volt AC (alternating current) and then converts it to DC (direct current) by electronic means.

This then becomes 120-volt AC power.

The microelectronic system in these new Honda portable generators is cutting edge.

Its power is top of the line for cleanliness and quality.

It can run the most sensitive equipment.

The inverter circuitry lowers the number of spikes and power source fluctuations, which provides safe operating of your newest electronic products such as computers.

The cutting edge equipment in these new Honda portable generators is housed in microcircuits, which means that these generators are both compact and very lightweight.

The new Honda EU generator series has an eco throttle that is load dependent and will automatically maintain its engine speed as well as output of power at its most efficient level.

This lowers your fuel consumption and decreases the noise from the generator.

Exhaust emissions are decreased as well.