How An Area Rug Can Make The Perfect Room Accent

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If you have beautiful hardwood, marble, or slate floors, you probably want to make sure they stay beautiful.

Area rugs are a great way to protect floors without covering them up completely.

Of course, area rugs can be so pretty and decorative that some people also use them in a room that has wall to wall carpet just so they can add some decorative touches to the room.

You can find the perfect rug for any decorating style.

For a country style room, a braided rug is the perfect choice.

Although it has a country feel, an oval braid rug is also slightly sophisticated.

Careful vacuuming is a must with this type of rug, since a powerful vacuum can loosen the threads that hold the braids together.

For a very informal country style room, the rag rug is ideal.

Most rag rugs are machine washable.

However, if you can simply shake out the dirt and avoid washing the rug, you will help it last longer.

If you are looking for a rug that goes well with a formal décor, you may prefer an Oriental rug.

You can find these plush, beautiful rugs in geometric designs, but floral designs are also common.

True Oriental rugs need special care.

You should not vacuum them or clean them without reading the care tag on your rug.

If there is not a care tag, you may want to take your rug to a professional rug cleaner instead of risking cleaning your rug in the wrong way.

Asian inspired rooms often look great with an area rug made from natural fibers, such as sisal or hemp.

These rugs are usually a neutral tan color, although some are dyed with bright colors.

Caring for rugs made with natural fibers is simple.

You can simply shake your rug out to remove dust and debris.

If the rug is soiled, you may be tempted to use soap and water to remove the stain.

However, water will just make a bigger stain.

Instead, you should use a special cleaner that is designed to be used on rugs made with natural fibers.

Finally, if none of these area rugs is right for you, you may want to take a look at woven rugs.

You can find these rugs in solid colors, cheery striped patterns, or in bold geometric designs.

They look right at home in family rooms, children’s bedrooms, or kitchens.