How Pool Cleaning Robots Can Work You

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It used to be that cleaning a swimming pool required manual labour, a brush on a long pole hooked up to your pool filtration system, and a lot of your valuable time in the heat.

But thanks to technical innovation, robotics, and artificial intelligence there is now an easier way.

Just drop a pool cleaner robot into your pool, push a button, walk away, and enjoy your free time.

Modern pool cleaning robots are ready to be used out of the box, just drop them into your pool, and push a button.

They have internal pump and filtration systems, to avoid the hassle of hooking up long hoses to your pool filtration system.

All they require is having their power cord plugged in, which floats to avoid tangling up your pool cleaner robot during its thorough cleaning of your pool.

These robots can clean more effectively then traditional filtration based cleaning systems, which is dependant on the type of Pool Filter you are using.

Aquabot pool cleaners are capable of filtering debris down to 2 microns, which is even more efficient then Diatomaceous Earth pool filtering, the most efficiently swimming pool filtration systems available on the market.

Aquabots can also reduce your overall pool costs by reducing the amount of backwashing, or replacing of pool filter cartridges (depending on pool filtration type), as it uses a built in washable micro filtration bag to trap the debris taking the load off of your filter.

By reducing the amount of backwashing your filtration system your pool will require less frequently pool top ups, and less chemicals that would have been lost during the backwash process.

This will more then offset the average electrical operating cost of 5 to 10 cents per cleaning.

It will even work out cheaper then hiring someone to clean your pool for you, over the course of a year.

While the Aquabot is busy cleaning a pool its powerful water pump creates water circulation during the vacuuming and filtration process.

The water circulation will give you a more consistent heat distribution, as the cool water at the bottom of the pool is shot up towards the warmer surface water.

This will do two things the first is to reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your pools surface, and secondly it will distribute your pool chemicals that can accumulate on the pool bottom, reducing your overall chemical costs.

Aquabot pool cleaners utilize microprocessor technology working in conjunction with a multitude of sensors to completely clean a pool.

With smart obstacle detection Aquabots do not require time to learn your pool, or to have the user program the cleaner for an effective cleaning.

Right from the first use it will clean your pool regardless of pool surface type, or the shape of your pool.

The in ground Aquabot pool cleaner models are able to climb up 90 degree walls, all the way up to the waterline for complete cleaning all the way around your pool.

Aquabots powerful rear and front motor driven scrub brush assembly has the ability to loosen and remove both heavy dirt and fine particles from your pools floor, walls, waterline and most stairs.

They are then vacuumed and trapped in its internal micro filtration bag.

The Aquabot product line up consists of around 20 products in three product categories, Residential Above Ground Pool Cleaners, Residential In Ground Pool Cleaners, and Commercial Pool Cleaners.

Each of their products has differing specifications, and features so not every Aquabot cleaner is appropriate for every pool.

With all the benefits of a Pool Cleaning robot within a year of use depending on the frequency of pool use they can easily pay for themselves, they also provide a cheaper alternative then hiring someone to clean your pool.