How To Build A Deck – 5 Considerations For Building A Wood Deck

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How to build a deck? Building a wood deck correctly can create the perfect transition between your home and your backyard.

How to build a deck planning and construction should result in a wonderful place to go to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Whether you are going to have your deck built by a professional or do it yourself, building a deck correctly requires proper planning and design.

Here are five basic considerations for building a wooden deck:


Choose Your Deck Type – there are several types of decks you can have for your home.

An outdoor patio deck can be attached to your home.

A convenient location for your outdoor patio deck could be attached to the family room or kitchen.

How to build a deck that is a destination deck? A destination deck would be typically be located in a special place with a view and would not connected to your home.

You might have a winding path that would lead to the destination deck.

How to build a deck that is a connector deck? A connector deck is several smaller decks of any shape or size connected to each other with pathways.


Consider Your Deck Activities – when building a wood deck, will your deck be a place to grill and barbecue? Are you going to have parties and entertain family and friends? Is your deck going to be a quiet place for lounging reading or enjoying your favorite beverage? Will you have a luxurious hot tub on your deck? To increase privacy, will you have landscaping, plants or trees around your deck? Take some time and think through how to build a deck that will perform the way you want.

Go online and buy a good book on planning and building a wood deck.


Decide Your Deck Size – if your house and backyard is smaller and you won’t entertain large groups, you likely don’t need a large deck.

Too large a deck can actually make the house appear smaller.

Keep it simple, but add an angle or two to the deck design if you want.

When building a wood deck, you can divide the deck into two areas – one area for lounging and sunning and another section for cooking and dining.


What Deck Materials Will You Use – if you will be building a wooden deck, there are several structural parts.

Your deck may need concrete footings that extend below the frostline if you’ll have freezing winters.

If your deck will be on sandy soil, you may need to build larger footings that will support the deck posts or beams.

The posts can be 4″x4″ lumber which is generally strong enough to support the deck.

If your deck is above ground, you may be required to use 6″x6″ structural posts.

The deck beams will rest horizontally on the posts and will support the deck joists.

Deck joists will be spaced horizontally every 12″, 16″ or 24″ and will support the decking boards.

The decking boards are the floor of your deck that span from joist to joist.


Design and Build It Yourself or Hire a Professional – unless you live in a very rural area, there will probably be building code requirements, permits and inspections needed when building a wooden deck project.

Contact your local building official to see what is required in your area.

One major advantage to having qualified professionals help is that they understand the legal side of how to build a deck and can help ensure building code requirements are met.

One of the best ways to understand how to build a deck is to view wood deck plans that have been built many times.

Seeing attractive deck plans can give you deck building ideas that will simplify your planning and design.

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