How To Choose A Shelving System

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Shelving provides one of the most efficient methods of maximizing storage space.

Shelving systems vary, from simple, single shelves supported by fixed brackets to fully adjustable units.

Shelving can be designed to blend in with the style, character, and shape of a room, or even to function as a decorative feature.

Always make sure that the materials you use are strong enough to bear the load.

You can obtain shelves in a large range of woods of different thicknesses and in a variety of finishes, as well as in certain types of glass.

The simplest shelf supports are non-adjustable track system.

Once you have decided on the shelving support system that you need and have chosen the most appropriate shelving material, you will need to support objects that may be heavy to the wall.

Whether you are putting up fixed brackets or an adjustable system, make sure that you secure the shelf support safely to the wall, and take care to hung the shelves so that they are perfectly level.

Always use hardware that suits the structure of the wall.

A range of metal and plastic anchors, as well as bolts with spring clips, is available for securing screws or a bracket to cavity walls.

When mounting lightweight shelving on a cavity wall, use anchors made of plastic or metal.

Most have wings that expand against the wall within the cavity.

Select the size of bit recommended by the anchor manufacturer.

Mark and drill the holes.

Insert an anchor, and drive home the screws.

The most flexible type of shelving and one that is ideal for storing objects of various sizes, such as books, is a track system.

Making a set of shelves entirely for display purposes gives the opportunity to design a tailor-made, highly decorative unit.