How To Choose The Right Furnace Humidifier

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All of us know how problematic a dry winter can turn out to be.

The plunging amount of humidity in the air during this time sucks out the moisture of our skin and mucous membranes.

Our noses get dry as does our favorite wood furniture and even our attempts to provide heat during this bone cracking cold does not save us.

It’s true, no matter how many fires you build or the dozens of heaters you switch on you will only be aggravating the problem, cause each of these dry out any remaining moisture in our surrounding.

This results in bleeding noses, horrible coughs and other irritating little discomforts.

A Humidifier brings back the moisture in the air around you, and thereby increases the humidity of your atmosphere.

Thus it can rescue you from all the troubles you associate with dry winter.

Before deciding on the kind and size of the humidifier you want to purchase decide where you want to place it.

If you want to put it in a small space then go for a tabletop humidifier, for larger areas like a small apartment or a few rooms a console humidifier should be more suitable.

If you want to use it for a very large space, like say the whole house, get yourself a whole house humidifier.

Attach your humidifier to your AC unit or heating system so that moisture is transmitted through the length and breadth of your home.

Another good option is a Furnace humidifier which is connected to the ducts in your furnace system and thus functions with your heating and cooling system to provide moisture to your whole house.

The Furnace humidifier utilizes the water in your home’s water system to circulate moisture into the air in your house.
The price of any Furnace Humidifier is over and around $100.

This tends to be a good bit more than other variety’s of humidifiers, however trust me when I say that your extra expenses will not be wasted.

Maintaining such a humidifier will cause a yearly financial drain of about $2-$30.

Your Humidifier must surely be provided with a humistat, which gives you the chance to set the humidity level you want.

Once the machine hits the level you punch in it will switch off automatically.

This helps you make sure that your indoors aren’t over-humidified.

Your furnace humidifier requires regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Make sure you keep the instructions in the machine’s manual in mind while doing this if you don’t want to wreck the system completely.

If you fail to keep your machine squeaky clean it might become the home of mold and bacteria, these disgusting substances can then be sent out with the humidified air.