How To Remove Adhesive From Self Adhesive (Sticky) Labels

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Ever wanted to remove the unsightly mess left behind when you remove self adhesive labels from plastic , painted and metal surfaces? Follow this top tips from Dr Adrian Steele of Mercian Labels – a specialist in self adhesive labels:

* when removing the label initially, take your time, peeling slowly, warming up the label beforehand with a warm air hair dryer to lower the viscosity of the adhesive

* if there is a residue left, try washing it off with warm soapy water first. If that dosnt work (not all adhesives are soluable in water) try using a little isopropyl alcohol (or methylated spirits if you dont have any IPA), testing beforehand on an unseen section of the surface to make sure that the solvent will not damage the surface.

* as a last resort, a stronger organic solvent such as acetone (similar to nail varnish remover) could be used, but will probably mark many synthetic surfaces permanently

Good luck