Low Maintenance Teak Furniture

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In all likelihood you have heard of teak furniture and have wanted to know why it’s such a big deal. This article contains some simple info regarding the building material that seems a little mysterious, even has a weird sound to it, but dominates the market of outdoor furniture.

Teakwood furniture is especially suited to use outside the home because of its super high oil content and resistance to insects and warping. Teak is a hardwood tree indigenous to the east and south of Southern Asia and much of Southeast Asia. Teak is nowadays frequently planted in tropical environments and is exported around the world to furnish gardens and patios as well as for shipbuilding materials. Teakwood furniture ages in the weather and gains a silvery color without requiring any shelter or care at all. Just leave your teak furniture on the patio during all four seasons and you will end up with furniture that looks elegant in a natural environment and also affords comfort and durability. Look for teak furniture built with mortise and tenon joints for the utmost quality build.

Teak furniture typically has a distinctively simple style of design. Clean lines take advantage of the beautiful texture of the wood. When you start looking for outdoor furniture, you’ll discover a very large selection of teak chairs, tables, and accessories to choose from. Because teakwood furniture can be left outside without being sheltered or cared for 365 days a year, the majority of teak tables and chairs are heavy, causing them to be super durable. Teakwood furniture is commonly made to increase comfort and style since there is no need for storing it away

The focal point of your collection will be your table. Teak tables typically come in a slat style, offering texture and interest to the eating surface. Pick from round, square, rectangular and expandable teak tables to fit your outdoor dining setup.

What could be more critical than a comfortable chair when you’re looking for furniture to purchase? Teak chairs come in a wide variety of styles, some folding, some armchairs, and lots of attractively simple side chairs to accommodate a crowd. Go all out and try a teak steamer or Adirondack chair. You will not want to get up

If your style is a more upbeat outdoor party, bar-height teak table and chairs are the best selection. Add proportion to your teak furniture collection by owning these bar height teak tables and chairs and get your guests mingling. In the garden or by the pool, teak bar furniture is compact and practical no matter how many people you have invited over.

The simple truth is, teak furniture is the best choice for your garden, deck or patio. It will last a lifetime. You will be happy in your teak bar chair and dozing in your steamer chair with no fears about care.