Plants And Flowers Can Bring Earth Day Right Into Your Home

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April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to celebrate this planet we call home and all the natural beauty it has to offer. Many people celebrate the day by planting a tree or bush or simply by spending the day outside, enjoying the splendor of nature. But, what if you live in a city where nature isn’t as abundant as you’d like or if you’re just unable to get outdoors to plant a tree or bush? Well, your florist could help you bring a little nature right into your house or apartment, no matter where you live. Better yet, your florist can even help you create or purchase a plant or arrangement that fits your lifestyle, personality, and living space.

Using flowers and plants, you can create looks ranging from the soft and natural to the dramatic and feisty. Here are just a few looks you can achieve:

* Natural Look: Place loose, wispy arrangements in a vase or glass bowl. Flowers may be monochromatic or multicolored.

* Calming: Flowers in shades of blue are proven to have a calming effect on our moods.

* Dramatic Look: If you’re not into the more traditional styles, you might be interested in creating a bold, dramatic look using deeply colored blooms in bright orange, fiery red, or brilliant yellow.

* Outdoorsy: If you’re a country girl or guy at heart, you might be interested in bringing that outdoors feel inside using arrangements containing seasonal grasses or twigs. The arrangements can be placed in clay pots or baskets to further enhance the feel.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting way to bring the green of the outdoors into your home, your florist can assist you in picking a potted plant that will flourish in the space you have available. Here are just a few plants you might choose from:

* Philodendron: The philodendron is a large-leafed plant available in red or green and with several different leaf shapes. Philodendrons grow beautifully in bright, indirect light and away from drafts. They are, however, poisonous so you should place them in areas that are not accessible by children or pets.

* Dieffenbachia: These plants are very popular as indoor plants because they grow better indoors than many other types of plants. In fact, they can grow up to four or five feet tall under the right conditions.

* Cactus: The cactus is perfect for the individual with little time to spend caring for plants and limited space. They are extremely hardy and, because the soil should be allowed to thoroughly dry between waterings, they require very little attention.

* Areca Palm: A beautiful plant with a tropical look, the areca palm is available in various sizes from 3 feet all the way up to 10 feet tall. They grow well in bright locations with ample watering.

Regardless of your location or living arrangements, celebrate this Earth Day with a call to your florist. Bring a little nature into your home