Roomba Vac: Fast And Easy Household Cleaning

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Roomba Vac comes in handy for moms who donÂ’t want to be burdened with tedious household chores. Inside a roomba vac is a meticulously designed system that amazingly does all cleaning jobs in no time. Being able to cover the entire floor in cleaning is not the only benefit youÂ’ll get. It also detects dirtier areas and responds by increasing the intensity of its cleaning prowess. This is accomplished through the help of two sensors that are located immediately above the brushes. What happens is that when dirt hits these sensors, Roomba vac will right away turn towards the dirty area, cleaning it harder.

All it takes is for you to press a button to signal the size of the room it needs to clean. After setting it up, the handy and cordless a Roomba vac starts its job by navigating around obstacles while it is being protected by its non-marring bumper and infrared sensors guide it.

Amazingly, after the room is cleaned or by the end of the cleaning cycle or for instance the battery is running low, it has the ability to return to home base to recharge. Let me give you an idea on how it works. Located at the front of Roomba vacÂ’s bumper is an infrared receiver which sees the signal given off by the home base. As it approaches the end of every cleaning cycle, Romba vac starts searching for the signal and goes back to home base to recharge for its next cleaning adventure.

The term survival of the fittest not only applies to man or animals. This robotic vacuum distinguishes danger in the form of stairs and cliffs. It is infrared sensing that prevents it from falling. It emits an infrared signal and waits to see if it bounces back, if it does not bounce back, it quickly recognizes that it is approaching a cliff or stairs and safely turns away.

Roomba vac is like a pet that you could command its limits as to where it should stay. It is through a device that creates an invisible infrared “virtual wall” that keeps it from crossing open areas which is as wide as 20 feet. The infrared receiver is located on front of the bumper. This senses the signal of the virtual wall which it dares not to cross

A roomba vac includes a NiMH battery. Just charging this once provides enough power to clean up to three medium-size rooms or is equivalent up to 90 minutes of cleaning. Its measurement is 13 ¾” in diameter, 3 ¾” in height and weighs 7 ½ lbs. It has a 90-day warranty but you also have an optional three year warranty.

Dirt and dust retains dust mite that causes asthma and allergy which is imposing more danger on children. The regular use of a vacuum cleaner will wipe away those tiny dirt devils and thereby reduce their breeding cycle.

Based on the owner reviews of Roomba vac, its incredible usefulness and variety in colors make it an ideal gift and make them feel like having a pet around and an ever reliable good buddy. So, donÂ’t be left behind, be part of an ever increasing proud and satisfied Roomba Vac owner and make your life a little bit easier.