Tricks For Removing Snow Easily Using Snow Throwers

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Snow throwers will allow you to cozy up inside your house

When it snows, it is the worst time for men folk of the house. (I know, I know, it is not politically correct to say this, but give that guy some credit) while the government and municipal corporations try to keep the highways and streets clear of snow. The snow removal from the front of the house to the gate is the family responsibility. To ease this work we have snow throwers that can do your job in a jiffy, allowing you to go back into the house quickly.

Single Stage Snow Throwers Are Gas Engine Operated

A snow thrower can be single stage or two stages. A single stage snow thrower has an auger made out of combination of metal and plastic or hard rubber. The Engine drives an auger through a series of gears. This auger cuts through the thick coat of ice by chipping, collects it, and then directs it out of the machine with some force. This way the ice on the ground is cleared from the driveway. In a single stage thrower, the machine is self-propelling as it rides on snow. Single stage machine clear a width of 12? to 22? and multiple passes are required to clear the snow in the driveway.

A Two-stage Machine Is More Powerful

A two-stage machine has a pump in addition to the auger in a single stage machine. The ice churned by auger is sent to pump. Additional force imparted to snow by the pump makes it possible for the machine to throw the cleared snow to greater distance. Distance can be up to 45? in some cases. Children enjoy this and with a double throw machine, laughter of children comes free. (Keep your children out of the landing place of snow) This makes the work of clearing snow easy and enjoyable. Double stage machines clear the width of 2? to 3? in one pass and this reduces time required for clearing

Tricks For Removing Snow Easily.

The snow can be cleared easily by sprinkling salt over the snow. (Check with authorities though, before sprinkling salt on snow to check if it is permitted).

When you go out in the snow for clearing it, use layered clothing instead of a single layer of thick clothing.

Take precaution, and do not to slip on the hard snow. There is a possibility of landing on the head. Use spiked shoes if possible.