Can You Buy Good,Cheap “Adjustable Beds”? Why Not?

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Adjustable beds no doubt come in a wide assortment of models, styles, and a plethora of amazing features.

Unfortunately, adjustable beds are also capable of causing severe bleeding of the average person’s bank account.

If you love the advantages an adjustable bed can provide for you and your loved ones, there is an alternative to buying a brand new shiny product.

Cheap adjustable beds, or should I say, cheaper adjustable beds, are available from a number of different sources.

In this article I will try to highlight a few sources where you can start your quest for the perfect adjustable bed at the perfect, or at least, affordable price.

I would definitely try looking in the classified ads of my local newspapers for used, second hand adjustable beds.

I tried this myself in the local papers here in Toronto, and I must admit, the pickings were slim, but then again I only did this over a short time frame as research for this article.

Hopefully, you will have more luck in your area.

Adjustable beds come in two different types, either standard or heavy duty.

For the average person or couple, the standard model is what you should be looking for.

One major advantage of finding a good cheap adjustable bed in your local area is that you will not have to worry about shipping costs.

If you are a “tire kicker” like me, you will also have the opportunity to go and see, touch, lie in etc., your potential new adjustable bed before you buy.

With a little luck, your search could end here.

If on the other hand you are unsuccessful with your local newspaper classifieds, there are always online websites like ebay that sell everything under the sun, including used adjustable beds.

If you see an adjustable bed that catches your eye and fits your pocketbook, check out the packing and shipping costs.

This is very important.

Make sure the seller tells you exactly how much it will cost you to have the adjustable bed packed and shipped to your home.

Ask the seller what kind of warranty or guarantee he is willing to give you, to make sure the frame and mechanical and or electrical gizmos work properly, to at least ease your mind.

Last but not least, if for some reason you are unhappy with the adjustable bed when you receive it, ask the seller what will it cost you to ship the item back so you can recoup your money, Find out all this information before you even attempt to place a bid on any item.

One very important thing to keep in mind if you are looking for a cheap used adjustable bed.

Do not even think of getting a second hand mattress.

Ughh, the thought of lying on a mattress that was used, and possibly abused, by someone else conjures up thoughts in my mind that might keep me up tonight.

So, now you have to factor in the cost of a new mattress.

You cannot use a conventional mattress on an adjustable bed.

It has to be an adjustable bed mattress because adjustable bed mattresses are specially designed to be flexible and contour to your body, fitting like a glove and easing stress of your spinal alignment.

Just as in adjustable bed prices, adjustable bed mattresses come in a multitude of different materials, sizes and prices.

If you still have not been fortunate enough to find a cheap adjustable bed using the previous methods, you might have better luck looking for adjustable beds on sale or specials on discontinued models.

For this you will have to do research on a site like mine.

You will find ads that point to manufacturers of adjustable beds of every price range and variety.

You are most welcome to come to ADJUSTABLE-BED-CENTER and check out my sponsors, leave a comment, or just say hello.

If you are on my site already; lucky you.

Last but not least, “caveat emptor”, or, let the buyer beware.

A cheap and good adjustable bed is a possibility, but it is ultimately up to you do the legwork, or fingerwork, if you are on the web, to get a good deal.

Good luck.