Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood floors make a beautiful, elegant addition to your home.

They are lovely and lend a graceful ambience to any room.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take care of their hardwood floors like they should.

With some precautionary care, your hardwood floors will remain beautiful well into old age.


If your floor is exposed to sun during the day, invest in sheer curtains, drapes, or blinds that will limit sunlight as UV rays can damage hardwood floors over time.
Furniture glides are a great investment for your hardwood floor.

They are small coverings, usually made of felt or another soft material, that are placed under the feet of furniture to prevent scratches.

To ensure that dust and grit don’t get imbedded, clean the glides regularly.

When moving furniture, always lift it up.

You should never slide furniture on a hardwood floor, even with glides.

If the piece is too heavy to lift, place a cotton sock over the leg and slide it carefully.

Avoid wearing any kind of heel when walking on a wood floor, and make sure this rule is enforced for your guests and family members as well.

Hells can leave tiny dents that may go unnoticed until the light hits them and you notice your beautiful smooth floor is now a speckled design of small dents.
Area Rugs
Area rugs are not only a nice way to decorate a hardwood floor; they are also a great way to save it from stains and spills.

Place area rugs in general area that might be more prone to stains, like entrances from outside, below the stove and kitchen counters, in the bathroom, etc.
Sweeping and Vacuuming
Sweep floors and vacuum them regularly.

Use a vacuum with a brush attachment as beater bars can damage and dent a hardwood floor.
Avoid mopping except with a special dust mop or other wood-safe cleaning agent.

Be careful not to over clean your hardwood floor because too much cleaning will dull the finish.
Water is a hardwood floor’s greatest enemy, so avoid mopping with it at all.

If you spill water or another liquid on your hardwood floor, blot it up immediately starting from the outside of the spill and working your way in.

Use a special dust mop or other cleaning agent that is wood-safe.

Select your cleaner carefully and always read the label.

If it doesn’t specifically say it is safe for hardwood floors, don’t use it.

The right cleaner should match the finish on your hardwood floor.

Care for your hardwood floors as you would anything precious and valuable; treat them well by following the preventative measures above and your hardwood floors will stay safe, beautiful, and durable for years to come.