Choosing A Refrigerator

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When you go to the appliance store you are going to be amazed at the selection of refrigerators available.

The first thing you are going to need to narrow down is the type of refrigerator you want in your home.

This can be very dependant on the amount of space you have in your home, and the size of your family.

There are five types of refrigerators available on the market today, the old tried and true top freezer model, the one most of our mothers had, a side by side, bottom freezer model, cabinet depth model and for those with higher end desires there are what are called built-in models which are made to be able to match existing cabinetry in the kitchen.

Each of these refrigerators has pros and cons.

Most refrigerators today offer much more interior space.

The interiors are very flexible with adjustable shelving and door bins.

A lot of manufacturers offer glass shelves.

Some consumers think these glass shelves are easier to clean than wire, and if a product leaks there is less chance of it making a big mess.

Refrigerators today offer temperature controlled storage drawers to help keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer.

Most models today come with automatic ice makers already installed.

An ice maker does reduce the amount of freezer space by about one cubic foot.

An ice maker typically produces several pounds of ice per day, depending on the amount used.

Some models offer water and ice dispensers on the door.

For those that are ecologically minded who search for energy efficient appliances there are refrigerators made by a manufacturer that has independent temperature controls in compartments so that if not needed one compartment can be turned off independently of the other.

They also have cooling coils that do not require fans.