Cleaning Carpet Stains – Harmless And Simple!

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cleaning carpet stain

Did you know that quite a few of the common household cleaning agents you would normally reach for to clean a carpet stain will actually damage your carpet forever?

Did you know that clear liquid detergents are better for carpet stain removing than opaque ones?

How about this: When blotting to clean a carpet stain, should you work outward or inward?

Check out the tips for cleaning carpet stains below.

You’ll be surprised how enlightening they are, and how much sense they make.


1) Keep the right carpet stain cleaning supplies handy in a place all their own.
Collect the following items:

A clear, see-through liquid detergent (non-transparent liquid detergents can leave a residue that attracts yet more dirt).

At least one spot remover that cuts grease, such as Energine.

Ammonia, mixed one tablespoon to one cup of water (not to be used on wool).

Non-oily polish remover.

One part white vinegar mixed with one part water.

Club soda.

White paper towels or cloths.

2) The correct way to clean carpet stains is to first collect as much of the offending spill as possible, then blot inward (blotting outward can make the stain bigger).

After that, use one of the items you have gathered together specifically for cleaning carpet stains.

A lot of other common cleaning products contain chemicals that can damage the rug.

Rinse well with the least amount of water necessary, and then pack the stained area with white paper towels or white cloths.

Weigh the area down and leave it for 24 hours.

3) You can help extend the life of your carpets by using the following preventative tips:

Use a good carpet pad.

Put “walk-off matting” at all entryways, and keep them clean.

Set up a system for cleaning carpets of dirt and stains regularly, and stick to it!

And remember, when it comes to cleaning carpet stains, it’s like being a paramedic… the carpet you save may be your own!