Guide for making Roman Shades

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Here is a step by step description on how to make a Roman shade.

These detailed instructions include all of the steps necessary to turn out a perfect Roman shade.

If you are able to sew a straight seam, you can make a Roman shade.

These directions can be used to make a one-fabric shade, or to turn your fabric art into a pieced Roman shade.

Measuring and Drafting:

Measure your window or windows where you want a Roman shade.

Decide on how to mount your shade.

Begin your design by determining a finished shade width and a finished shade length for each shade.

Use a Hardware Calculator to determine the fold depth and number of lift lines for each shade.

Make sure that you do separate calculation for each shade if you will be covering multiple windows that are not of the same size.

Sketch a design plan for each shade and prominently mark the finished shade width and finished shade length.

Fabric and Lining:

Purchase front fabric and lining and print out the results of the Hardware Calculator so that you have a list of your required hardware and supplies.

If you are making multiple shades that are the same size, be sure to multiply your hardware requirements by the number of shades.

Cut the front fabric and lining.

Join multiple widths of fabric for large shades.

Hem both the front fabric and the lining.

The length of both your front fabric and your lining should now be about the finished shade length with an extra 2″.

Join the front fabric and the lining at the side seams and make a “tube”.

Turn the tube right-side out and measure the width at several locations.

This should be the same as the finished shade width.

Finish the top of the Roman shade using a Loop Fastener.


Make all final measurements for your hardware to cut the mounting board, battens and weight rod because after sewing the finished shade width and finished shade length may be slightly different from the design plan.

Glue Battens inside the shad for a truly professional shade.

Make a head rail.

Use the head rail to mark the locations of the lift rings.

Sew on the rings, string the lift cords through the rings and insert the weight rod into the hem of the lining.

Mount your new Roman shade.

You can follow these instructions to enjoy your professional window treatment and begin planning your next project.