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Stone age is to fire as new age to electricity.

The morning today begins with the alarm clock, the electronic brushes making an early morning easier and water heaters turning the languid bath in a luscious spa.

You throw your clothes in a fully automatic washer and dryer and ready for pulling the milk can from your new three-door defrost refrigerator.

The oven, the toaster, the microwave and the coffee maker are all geared up to serve the fabulous feast you can ever imagine to gobble without a disagreement which comes complimentary when you play ‘Whodunnit’ instead of employing euphoric electric servants.

Timeless and tidy appliances have chopped off those elaborate meal deals allowing you to drive down to your favorite beach house.

With our lives driving down the fast tracks, who has time to scrub and brush those small household chores? The elegant woman with the pearl necklace and high heels is all appreciative of the dishwasher and the vacuum cleaners, if not the husbands.

You never imagined fun in the sun until air conditioners came into being.

A prerequisite to the contemporary lifestyles appliances are a necessity than a luxury.

The key to be a super mom today is to watch wonder kid and Electric house.

The Sunday newspaper, cricket in the afternoon with the smart kids and salsa in the evening to please your wife, would only be an unrealistic dream if the plug and play technology wasn’t invented.

You don’t have to run to the employment bureaus anymore for the domestic help, just prepare yourself to pay the electricity bills and whoa! Life is bliss.

Say goodbye to those muscle pulls, backaches, twisted necks and tired arms; enjoy the new taste of life.

Though the appliances do it all for us (leaving us obese coupled with lung problems due to carbon monoxide released by them), aren’t we hungry for more?