How To Build The Home You Have Been Dreaming About: Making A House Plan

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Planning to build a house is surely an exciting endeavor in anyone’s life.

It is a major step throughout the course of a lifetime, one of the milestones that most hardworking people look forward to.

Being a major decision, making a house plan can be a very difficult feat.

Without the proper knowledge, one can turn a dream into a nightmare.

Fortunately, with some basic know-how, one can be guided into making a good house plan that can make one’s dream home come into reality.

The Basics of a House Plan

When making a house plan, the first stop is to picture the general components one would want to have in their dream home.

Going directly to the details might leave one frustrated as there are hundreds of things to think about, thus, it is important to first have an overview of the house plan.

Would you want a house with just one, two or three bedrooms? This depends on how many people will live in the house, or if you plan to accommodate more in the future.

You should also think of the size of the house, whether you want it to be a bungalow or a two-storey structure.

You have to imagine the general feel of the house, before going to the nitty-gritty details.

The Financial Factor

Of course it is quite impossible to build a house without thinking of your budget.

In most cases, the budget would determine so much about what you can do to the house you are building.

It would be helpful to consult contractors or builders to see what kind of house would match your finances.

Check if the house you imagined in your overview would be affordable according to your budget.

If your budget does not meet your dreams, then you might just need to remove some elements, but if you have more than enough money, you may want to add some more things.

The Components of the House Plan

After contemplating on the type of house you want and viewing it according to your budget, you can then begin to plan the essential components of the house.

Here are some of them:


Foundation – a house should be built on a sturdy foundation or else it could easily crumble or falter.

You might want a basement as a foundation, this could give you extra space, perhaps for storage or another room.

You might also want a slap foundation, a crawlspace foundation if you do not want a basement.

You need to check with your local building authority as to what type of foundation can be used when building a house.


Materials – of course, you would need to choose the types of materials to be used for the house.

You might one simple wood or hardboards, you might want concrete or stone.

Again it all depends on your preference, budget, and the environment where your house will be built.


Exterior and Interior Finishes – finishing is also important even if some people might think it is just for aesthetic purposes.

While a structure built on a strong foundation with sturdy materials could already provide shelter, it could barely become a dream home.

Some types of finishes you might want for the exterior of your home could be cedar, vinyl, brick, aluminum, or wood.

For the interiors you might want stone, concrete, paint, wood, among many others.

Again, the climate could determine which type of finishing is best for your house plan.

Building a house is a major endeavor that requires careful planning and consideration.

With a good plan and the proper execution, one can be sure to build a dream home.

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