Hammocks Are Perfect For Lazy Summer Fun!

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The humble hammock is quite a simple invention, and although the basic principle has been around for over 1000 years, it’s still hard to beat the tranquil feeling of relaxation that hammocks provide.

The first hammocks originated in Central America, being used by the ingenious Mayan Indians.

And today, hammocks in a variety of styles and colors are used for relaxing and unwinding in all kinds of settings.

From enjoying a snooze by the poolside, to resting in the shade of the trees in your own backyard on a hot sunny day, to being a handy camping accessory, there are a number of ways to enjoy the comfort of a hammock!

There are several different sorts of hammocks available these days, each offering that serene feeling of weightlessness as you hang in the air.

Traditional rope styles with wooden spreader bars are a perennial favorite, with the large gaps being perfect for circulating air on a hot day.

Cotton is a comfortable natural fiber, whereas polyester is a more moisture-tolerant alternative.

Quilted hammocks made from soft and durable fabrics are more suited to cooler climates and cool summer evenings.

They’re also better for families, as there aren’t any big gaps for small kids to get tangled in.

There are also hammocks specifically designed for camping, which offer protection from the elements and extras like mosquito netting.

Poolside hammocks are made from quick-drying weather resistant fabric perfect to use by the pool or ocean.

Non-spreader bar hammocks that are hand woven in bright colorful patterns are comfortable and affordable, and include Mexican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan designs.

Hammocks can be hung from sturdy tree branches, from hooks on ceilings, walls or decks, or from purpose built stands.

Hammock stand kits, hanging chains and tree straps are readily available from online hammock stores.

For smaller spaces, hammock chairs or swings are a popular option.

These can easily be hung on a deck, porch or patio.

They also offer cozy seating in small apartments or lofts.

Your own hammock can provide a peaceful retreat for you to get away from the rush of modern life, inducing a calm and laidback feeling.

Hammocks are perfect for relaxing and unwinding, and make great additions to any home.